A brand identity project (including name, tone of voice and design) for a coffee alternative made from date seeds. The target audience are eco-conscious adventurers.
The global appetite for flat whites and cappuccinos has intensified the farming methods of the coffee crop leading to deforestation and increased use of chemical fertilisers. Naked Gardeners have created a drink for those who love their coffee without the negative environmental impact.
I created the brand concept by asking what would be the setting for the ideal customer’s Sunday morning cup of ‘coffee’: perhaps drunk after some invigorating work in the garden au naturel? A natural warming brew for those who want to unearth their adventurous side!
The packaging is recyclable and reusable using paper wrapped tin canisters that are easy to open and close, keeping the ‘coffee’ airtight while also being large enough to have an impact on the shelf – helped by the bold colours and humourous branding.
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